My Background

Welcome to Fascial Soul formed by me, Monica. I offer a unique insight and approach to body conditioning and strengthening and tailor a bespoke treatment for you. After a 15 year career as a radiographer that saw me work internationally, in private hospitals and for the NHS, I have encountered countless patient injuries, conditions, aches and pains.

However, it was facing spinal surgery after a back injury that gave me the insights that form the basis of my practice now.

I gained my Pilates training through Contrology Method Pilates (CPM). CPM uses Tom Myers Anatomy Trains which is based on the concept of the continuous nature of fascia forming pathways or links throughout the entire body. This is a comprehensive and holistic practice as CPM utilises classical Pilates methods which work the whole Myofascia network of the body rather than isolated muscles. 


I then went on to qualify as a level 4 Rossiter Practitioner. Rossiter Stretching is a fascial stretch technique that releases tension in the connective tissues and increases movement in the body. A truly progressive and cutting edge, drug and surgery-free, technique that can give great results for those with persistent issues that perhaps haven't responded to traditional therapies. 

Monica (Rossiter Coach, Pilates Instructor)

My Approach

'There is no denying the adverse affect injury and pain

can have on a patient's well-being. Mood is massively

impacted if mobility is reduced and frequent pain

experienced. I was intrigued to discover what

preventative and strengthening practices could be

used to avoid injury, manage degenerative conditions

and  reduce pain'. 

As one of only a handful of practitioner's internationally that has combined both Pilates and Rossiter I aim to offer a truly progressive approach to conditioning, strengthening and tension and pain release. Using a myofascial approach the two disciplines work in harmony beautifully.


After an initial consultation, we identify your specific challenges and what your goals are. A bespoke course of Pilates, Rossiter or a combination of both will be used to provide conditioning, strengthening and relief from tension and pain.


Appointments are available in my private studio or your home/workplace. 


Fascial Soul also offers a workplace clinic where I visit small and mid-size companies and provides treatment to employees.

At their core both Pilates and Rossiter stretching work to correct imbalances that can lead to poor posture and injuries. Pilates does this through a series of exercises whilst Rossiter does this through specific stretching techniques.

They can work beautifully together or in isolation.

I firmly believe that by correcting an imbalance or reducing a restriction, whether it has come from an old injury or a repetitive movement pattern, pain and range of motion can be restored.

Fascial Soul is fully Covid compliant and dedicated to continuing to provide safe practice.