5 things to know about Rossiter Stretching- the fast pain relief technique you control.

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Rossiter Stretching is a two-person stretching technique that can offer fast pain relief with improved mobility, circulation, and sensation. It is classed as an exercise and is a form of myofascial release. This https://www.fascialsoul.co.uk/post/what-is-rossiter-stretching

For more information on how it feels read https://www.fascialsoul.co.uk/post/the-client-perspective-what-is-rossiter-stretching

Utilising a pin and stretch method with both the client and coach working together; It works on the principle of relieving pain at its source, the tendons, ligaments and fascia, where restrictions can be held.

By working with the tissues that are causing the pain rather than just treating the symptoms results can be long lasting with minimal top-up sessions required. A fast pain relief alternative with no drugs, no needles, no surgery and no ongoing exercise routine.

1. Is it like the osteopath or chiropractor?

Firstly, Rossiter is considered an exercise. You will be expected to participate and move. It originally developed from Rolfing and is not considered to be a branch of Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Massage.

It is a form of assisted stretch therapy or myofascial release aiming to increase space in the body, decompress joints and aid movement. There is no intentional ‘popping’ or ‘cracking’ of joints.

Unlike other modalities, Rossiter Stretching works on the body as a whole rather than compartmentalizing it, working to lengthen and loosen the whole length of connective tissue that feeds into that area of pain. This is what makes Rossiter Stretching truly unique and sets it apart from osteopathy, chiropractic medicine, physiotherapy, massage and traditional medicine and what gives the fast pain relief.

So no Rossiter is not like the osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or sports massage, it is unlike almost anything else you will have tried before to help with pain relief or mobility issues.

2. How many Rossiter Stretching sessions will I need to be out of pain?

This does depend on the client. Some people only need a couple of sessions, others may need more regular sessions.

It is influenced by: How long the pain has been there, what caused it and what activities you do day-to-day amongst other things.

For some clients, at the start of a treatment course, sessions may need to be closer together maybe twice a week, however, once the pain is under control maintenance sessions may be the only thing required for example once every month or two.

For example, I've had clients need to come three times in 10 days when I first see them but then not see them for six months and have no recurrence of their pain this is completely individual for each client and this is part of the ongoing dialogue between client and coach.

As a Rossiter Stretching coach, I aim to get you out of pain quickly and reduce the reoccurrence of pain. However, this can take a few sessions, much like anything (losing weight or doing up an old cottage). The immediate effects may be fast but we want long-lasting pain relief as well.

3. How quickly will Rossiter Stretching work?

Rossiter Stretching can give fast pain relief however this is influenced by: How long the pain has been there, What caused it and What activities you do day-to-day amongst other things.

Most clients see a difference or a change after the first couple of stretches this may be a change in the pain levels, changing where they feel their pain, a change in mobility or just feeling different. As a coach, it is my role to ask you what you're feeling and to listen to that to inform which stretches we do next, at all times it is the dialogue between coach and client is the basis for the next stretch.

On a personal note, I never tire of seeing that look on a client's face when they get up and their pain has changed and they're trying to figure out what difference they're feeling it truly is one of the best parts of my job.

4. How long do the effects of Rossiter Stretching last?

This does depend on the client. Some people only need a couple others need regular sessions.

It is influenced by:

How long the pain has been there?

What caused it?

What activities you do day-to-day?

This is the hardest part to prepare clients for, it is hard to know how anyone is going to react afterwards. Generally speaking the longer you've had the pain, the more chronic the pain is, the more sessions you will need in a close period i.e. you may only feel the pain relief or increased movement for a couple of days. This can be very frustrating however the fact that you experienced pain relief after the treatment usually means the treatment is working we just have further to go with the held patterns in your tissues. There is a cumulative effect with Rossiter Stretching.

5. Does it hurt? You're standing on me!

Although I stand on you NOT all my weight is on you. You are in control of how much weight is applied. In fact, most of the weight is on my supporting back foot, not on you.

However yes when we find the right spot that is holding the pain it can be painful, but it is only for a few seconds.

Although it is important to remember most people who seek Rossiter Stretching are already in pain, often chronic and debilitating pain and this is a way out of pain. Also, no pain management treatment is without uncomfortable side effects.

  • Drugs: can cause reactions and side effects that many people do not want or limit their life in other ways.

  • Surgery: this can certainly be painful and recovery is not always easy.

  • Steroid Injections: these are painful at the time as well and you are often limited with how many can be given.

The most important point to remember is YOU are in control. Less weight = less discomfort. The communication between coach and client is key and I will always respect your wishes for less weight. Although it can give fast pain relief results the stretches themselves are Slow, Steady and CONTROLLED BY YOU.

To experience the unique and fast pain relief from Rossiter Stretching Contact Me

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