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Updated: Feb 11

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As the practitioner, or coach, the comments I hear most frequently from clients are:

"I've tried everything else", "Nothing else has worked" or "I'll try anything at this point"

These clients have had (amongst other things):

  • back pain

  • arm pain and reduced range of movement

  • shoulder pain and reduced range of movement

  • headaches and migraines

  • carpal tunnel

  • golf and tennis elbow

  • plantar fascitis

  • neck pain

However what they overwhelmingly have in common is a desire to be in less pain without surgery, injections or drugs.

I recently read an old article partially written from the clients perspective and it reminded me of my first time experiencing Rossiter Stretching. It inspired me to write this follow up to a previous blog What Is Rossiter Stretching (

Shoulder Pain, Limited Mobility, Rossiter Stretching
Range of Motion Before and After Rossiter Stretching


My first Rossiter Stretching session

I was lying on a mat on the floor staring up at the ceiling wondering what on earth

I had signed up for. Someone I had only just met was about the stand on my forearm. Though not scared I was feeling extremely vulnerable. As a radiographer I’d seen many broken bones and had no desire to experience one first-hand.

I was nervous and so out of my comfort zone.

On went the coach’s foot then came the weight…ok not too bad…pressure was gentle…ok I can do this. Then we found the ‘gold spot’ that had been discussed…WHAT THE!!!

[internal voice] Breathe, focus on the instructions, breathe.

Within seconds the weight was off and the sensation of freedom in my wrist and arm was amazing. Tension I hadn’t even realized was there had gone.

Ok I’m hooked…how does this work? How can I use it to help my clients?


Rossiter Stretching, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Pain, Arm Pain
Rossiter Stretching on the wrist

So that was my first experience with Rossiter Stretching but what can you expect from me?

I ask a lot of questions.


I want to know if the stretches I am thinking of are appropriate and safe, also I want you to get the best out of the session so I want to pick the most effective ones.

Once we’ve completed a stretch I want to know how you feel, what you feel. There is no right or wrong answer. If it’s nothing, please say so, no improvement gives me information about what to do next.

Communication is key

Unlike a massage, chiropractic adjustment or osteopath treatment YOU, the client, is in control. With Rossiter Stretching you are referred to as the 'Person-In-Charge' not just a client.

You say 'STOP' I stop applying weight.

Something feels 'off' you say so and I adjust.

You want more weight just say so.

YOU are in control

What might you feel?

Everyone is different so one persons experience will differ from another's.

"I feel light"

"It feels open"

"It feels as if you've pulled out a tight electric cable"

These are all comments clients have said after a session and all without surgery or injections and drug free.

Imagine a really satisfying stretch, unrestricted by limited range of movement. That is what it can feel like afterwards. However the most important thing is over the following days has the pain moved or changed? or has your range of motion improved?

To experience a real drug-free non-surgical alternative to pain management book in and try Rossiter Stretching


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