Pilates FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions I've been asked about Pilates, Private Pilates and Reformer Pilates

What’s the difference between pilates on a mat and in a studio?

Matwork Pilates is usually taught in groups, anywhere between 6-20 people whereas studio equipment or Reformer Pilates tends to be smaller class sizes. At Fascial Soul available space means I can only offer private Pilates sessions. This means you have all my attention and the whole session is based on what you need on that day.

But I’ve used equipment in my group class?

There is a difference between the small equipment you may have used in a mat class; bands, balls, circles etc and the studio equipment such as Reformers.

A reformer is about the size of a single bed, as is the Cadillac. This means they are nowhere near as portable as the standard ball and bands seen in group classes.

That doesn't mean you won't see a mat, circle, ball or band in the studio but there are much larger pieces of equipment to work with.

​Is the equipment like weights in the gym?

The equipment in the studio (reformer, tower, wunda chair and pedi-pole) use springs to create the resistance and assistance used during the exercises. Occasionally a small free weight may be used but generally the equipment is very different to anything you would have seen in a gym.

Back Pain                                                             Sciatica

Shoulder pain                                                    Frozen Shoulder

Tennis Elbow                                                      Golf Elbow

Plantar Fasciitis                                                 Ankle Pain

Migraines                                                            Whiplash

Carpal Tunnel                                                    Hand and Wrist Pain

Knee Pain                                                            Hip Pain

Neck Pain                                                            Repetitive Strain Injuries

Why pay for a private session, the group classes are just as good, aren’t they?

Group classes are great and if that works for you wonderful. There is a world of difference between a group matwork class with on average 10-12 people in and a private session with studio equipment.

However having taught group studio equipment, group reformer and private studio for several years I can say there are advantages to both It truly depends on what you want out of the session.

Where does the equipment come from? Who invented it?

Joseph Pilates invented the majority of the equipment we use today, along with the exercises Pilates is synonymous with. Adaptations and additions have been made by followers over the years but his designs and principles remain at the core. 

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving around in.

Loose fitting or stretchy is best to allow for your movement and stretching but there is no special requirement for clothing. Socks worn at all times but no trainers or outdoor footwear on the equipment.

Which equipment will I be using in my session?

It depends, each session is tailored to you on that day. 

How long does a Pilates session last?

All sessions are 1hour 

What does the equipment look like?

Pilates Equipment - Gratz.jpg

Some example pieces of Pilates studio equipment

(Tower, Reformer, Ladder Barrel and Chair)