An Alternative Pain Relief Technique

Simply put Rossiter Stretching is a pain relief technique using stretching exercises. It helps you get out of pain quickly and increases your range of movement using assisted stretching techniques. That pain relief could be for back pain, pain from Plantar Fasciitis or any number of issues in between.

Pain can be debilitating , restrictive and generally rubbish and no one wants pain limiting their ability to live. There are so many causes of pain and Rossiter Stretching will not work for all. However for many types of pain that come from repetitive strain, held movement patterns, trauma, injury or posture Rossiter Stretching can be a really valuable tool to help you on the road out of pain.

By using techniques unique to Rossiter Stretching we work together around the area that is causing the pain to give profound and longer-lasting pain relief.

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Here are just some of the conditions Rossiter Stretching can help relieve the pain of:

  • Back Pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Golf Elbow

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

  • Plantar Fascitis

  • Migraines

  • Knee Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Hand and Wrist Pain (inc. Carpal Tunnel)

  • Neck Pain

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What Is It and How Does It Help My Pain?

RST (Rossiter Stretching Technique) is a series of powerful and effective two-person pin-and stretch release techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source, the body’s fascia, ligaments, tendons, collagen, elastin – collectively called connective tissue. Tight connective tissue is the source of stress, immobility, and pain in the body. January 2022

The above definition from Rossiter Stretching gives a technical insight into RST but to experience it is quiet different. It truly is a treatment like no other. The "two-person pin-and-stretch release" is the most unique part of it. We (you, the client and me, the coach) really do work together.  

As a level 4 Rossiter Stretching Coach, comprehensive Pilates instructor and using my health service experience as a diagnostic radiographer I try to look at you as a whole, not just the bit that hurts. So after filling in a health form, talking over the pain points (quiet literally) and looking at how you move we start work.


Most of the Rossiter Stretching exercises take place on the floor and I use my foot ( foot!) to find the best spot to strategically anchor based on our discussion. Then you, the client, take charge by stretching or performing specific movements to help resolve areas of pain, restriction and limited movement.

Rossiter Stretching is a truly unique form of assisted stretching both in its method of delivery, its client participation, speed and approach to treating the source of pain from the inside out. It provides an holistic approach to pain relief working at the source of the pain to give fast pain relief.

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Rossiter Stretching for Pain Relief



I feel great today

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Rossiter Stretching for Carpal Tunnel

Rossiter Stretching - An Alternative in Pain Relief

The key differences between Rossiter Stretching and other therapies such as osteopathy and chiropractors is that you are in charge of the session. This is probably the biggest adjustment that clients need to make in their expectations. YOU CONTROL THE SESSION. In fact in Rossiter Stretching you are not called the client but the PERSON IN CHARGE (P.I.C).

I listen to the information you give me and based on my knowledge and experience suggest what stretch would give you the best result. However:

  • YOU tell me where the best spot is, the ‘gold spot’

  • YOU say when there is enough weight applied

  • YOU stretch to where you can manage


At the end of each stretch (not session) you assess what changes you feel. This can be a challenge  and there really is not right or wrong answer.


‘What do YOU feel?’

The Benefits of Rossiter Stretching

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I've been able to take on an extra job that I never would of considered before     

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What a successful RST session looks like and how many you need is as individual as you.

What do you want to achieve?

This could be getting rid of niggle from an old (or not so old) injury, being able to play with your grandchildren more freely or being able to take on more hours at work.

At the end of the day pain is a deeply personal thing with many reasons for it and many contributing factors.

How much it affects your daily life, your views on medication, injections and surgery and how much you have to gain from reducing your pain is up to you. 

But I’d love Rossiter Stretching to be part of that process get in touch or look through the FAQ section for more information

£40 per session